Prototype Machine

We will be uploading photos of the actual prototype to this page as we go along.
CAD Renders can be seen the CONCEPT CAD RENDERINGS page.

While designing the machine we have been trying to use materials and components that are FDA/Medical approved.
This includes making any plates for the enclosure out of Acetal Copolymer, bearings/shafts and electrical components such as a medical power supply.
As you can imagine this increases the price, but in our thinking, also may make it quicker to get approved.

For people wanting to make their own Automated BVM then swapping out these parts for lower cost parts to get to the same goal is not a problem with us.
This goes for the electronics as well, we have gone for minimum components using off the shelf parts to make the production of the unit quicker and less complicated.

As soon as we have the prototype up and running this end and have done tests, we will upload the Bill Of Materials (BOM) and populate the other pages on this site.

For the initial prototype we have focused mainly on the mechanical axis that will be compressing and releasing the BVM. This includes speed, torque, load and endurance tests.
After we are happy with this, we will then move onto looking at adding other sensors that can be easily incorporated with the existing TFT screen and controller.

Prototype V1.2

Below is a video of the first movements.

In the video it shows the dual ballscrew setup which produces more than enough torque to squeese the bag at a good speed.

We should be uploading the BOM and files next week after some more testing.

Also some pictures below.

Prototype V1.1

Electronics wired up 3rd April 2020
Electronics wired up 3rd April 2020
Pulleys and belt installed 3rd April 2020
Pulleys and belt installed 3rd April 2020
Igus Bearings arrived 3rd April 2020
Igus Bearngs installed installed 3rd April 2020
Shafts and paddles installed 3rd April 2020
Pulleys and belt installed 3rd April 2020
Mechanics finished 3rd April 2020