We will post a short progress updates as we go along.

Being a small company we are still busy building machines for customers and only get a few hours here and there to spend time on the prototype.

We still have to pay the bills, especially with sales being down due to this pandemic, so bear with us !

7th May 2020

The Firmware and Nextion TFT code have been uploaded and ready for download!

30th April 2020

The construction page has been updated with the assembly instructions

Bill Of Material page updated with fasteners

29th April 2020

The Bill of Materials page has been updated with the full list of Electronic, Mechanical and Materials.
For the Materials this includes 3D STL files and 2D DXF files.

24th April 2020

Today we assembled the machine and started testing.
Below is a video of the first movements and we are very happy with the torque and speed that can be obtained.

Automated BVM First Movements

Next week we will be releasing the BOM and CAD files on the site and then the initial code release for people wanting to build their own machine.

23rd April 2020

Well after going half way around the world, the ballscrews arrived today.
We now have all the parts to finish the mechanical build and will be starting it tomorrow morning.

17th April 2020

We were expecting the ballscrews to arrive on Fedex today, but as with other international deliveries, delays at the moment are expected and they did not arrive.

So now we hope they will arrive on Monday, so we can start testing.

14th April 2020

In the UK we had 4 days Easter bank holiday and most of last week was waiting for parts to arrive.

More sheets of Acetal have arrived and new plates for V1.2 have been cutout today.

New aluminium plates have been cut out also and new pulleys and belts have arrived.

Now just waiting for custom made ballscrews to arrive from manufacturer and we can assemble and start testing.

7th April 2020

After some testing with prototype V1.1 we came to the conclusion that we were not happy with the torque using the belt and pulley system.

Now we have changed the design to use ballscrews and we will use standard hardened ballscrews in the prototype, ideally we would like to source some plastic ones that do not need lubrication.

Concept CAD Renders page has been updated with V1.2 and actual photos of the new prototype will be uploaded once assembled.

3rd April 2020

The Igus bearings have arrived and we have finished wiring for the bag squeezer.
Photos can be found on the Prototype Machine page.

Next week, we should be able to get the Touch Screen Code finished and start testing.

1st April 2020

We have now machined out all the Acetal plates and aluminium plates.
Glad to say all fits well and now we can start wiring up the electronics.
Still waiting for the Igus bearings and steel shafts to turn up, but as with everywhere the coronavirus is causing some delays with deliveries from the EU.

Skimming the acetal on CNC Machine
Cutting out acetal plates
Acetal plates complete and brass inserts pressed in
Aluminium plates cutout and tapped
Checking plates line up
Checking plates line up and bag fits.

27th March 2020

Prototype CAD 2D/3D completed and website updated.
Tool paths created and ready to mill out the Acetal and aluminium plates.
All mechanical parts that were on order have arrived.
Aluminium and Acetal materials that were on order have arrived.

26th March 2020

Website created and started populating.

25th March 2020

Domain names automatedBVM registered.
Mechanical design complete for prototype all parts ordered.

24th March 2020

Decision made on material for plates, sourced and ordered.

23rd March 2020

Touch screen coding started

20th March 2020

Conference call with Igus technical to decide best FDA/Medical bearings to use.

19th March 2020

Electronic design sorted and all parts ordered.

17th March 2020

Concept design 3D CAD completed and animations uploaded to the internet.

15th March 2020

UK government calling for the manufacture of NHS ventilators to tackle COVID-19 pandemic.