Due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, more and more ventilators are now being needed around the world.
Could the Automated Bag Mask Valve(BVM) be a low cost, viable STOP GAP to help with the shortage of ventilators?  Please check out our concept video and renders below.

Automating a readily available Bag Valve Mask (BVM), also known as a hand operated manual resuscitator.

This would free up the personal that would normally be need to operate a BVM. The device could act as a stop gap in hospitals or at home where a ventilator is needed, but not currently available.

This is not a design to replace a ventilator that has a lot more features, but maybe a low-cost solution to help out.

At the moment we are looking to rapid prototype this machine in house at CNC Design and looking to work with medical professionals first to make sure that the design and use is a viable solution.

We will be releasing this Automated BVM device open source, so anyone can build it or manufacture it.

Contact us at  http://www.ukcnc.net